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3rd Nov 2019, 7:16 PM


Lack of supplies

So No Evil is behind again, due to me working on other comic work and the ability to draw the comic traditionally. Ink refills were not available and I never heard back from ordering etc. As well just busy with life. I may switch to digital to keep the comic going. I am looking to complete the comic hopefully soonish. I am at point of wanting to move on but don't want to leave this work unfinished. So the comic is not dead but I will be probably start doing large update dumps rather than a weekly update depending. Thanks everyone!

8th May 2016, 6:09 PM


What's happening with No Evil

In regards to the lack of updates, this was largely me being busy researching and looking for ways to make No Evil better, as well as working on other paid projects that demanded my attention (gotta eat, pay bills, etc.). As well, my scanner has decided that it is dying and I now must either A) Get a new scanner, which might be a bit difficult right now for me financially or B) Resume No Evil purely digitally, which I'm not really keen on for this comic's style.
On the research end, it largely has to do with me wanting to handle Mez's deafness and communication with some degree of accuracy. Not a whole lot, as it is a fictional universe and I discovered through learning BSL that it simply doesn't work because of approximate time period (there is a gesture used for time that I realize doesn't work because there are no watches in No Evil). This required me to sit down and do some heavy development, rather than the scriptless in my head format I had been doing. I don't want to just make No Evil "end" with no sort of satisfactory ending. So it may mean you all may have to wait some time, but it will be done eventually is what I am trying to say. I am also considering making it a smaller story, as most of the elements I want to include may not take as long as I think. As well as how far along I am in the story considering the current page count. I expect that the story may only be max and slightly overestimating, 200/300 pages.
Sorry if it comes off as rambly, I just wanted people to know that as always, I am not abandoning this. I hope you'll check back every now and then to see how the story is coming. 

29th May 2015, 2:58 PM




Letting you guys know that I'm ridiculously ill with an ear infection and other wonderful things. So, in other words, comics will be up when I feel like a functional human being, which I am currently, just barely. 

15th Nov 2014, 8:37 AM


Double Update


Hey folks!


Update will be a bit later next week (surprise, surprise) but for good reason: I'm doing a double update thing that should be cool and awesome. You'll see.

7th Nov 2014, 9:47 PM


Page fixes

Heyhey! Looking over the feedback I have received, I will be making some changes. Don't worry, nothing storywise at least so far. I will be reuploading pages with text fixes and other clean ups to make the comic easier to read. Thanks for reading No Evil and thanks for the feedback!